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In my previous article, I wrote a little about Ireland based on my interest. Now, I am going to discuss the counties in Ireland. There are total 32 counties on the island of Ireland, and 26 of them come together to form the Republic of Ireland.

Recently I faced a weird but challenging and fun requirement. My manager wanted me to give users the ability to choose from a variety of fonts. Initially, I placed up to three font files inside assets and registered them in the pubspec.yaml as tradition. These fonts would be the default ones.

Now, if the user wants to go try fonts that are not part of the apk, he/she can simply get them from our provided list of fonts. The fonts are downloaded the first time they are called. …

Figure 1: Picture courtesy: pakiholic

Those of you who know me personally must be aware that I prefer to stay in rather than going out. This time, I made an exception. I decided to answer the call. I was invited by my colleagues for a trip to Gwadar. I have never been there and neither have they. So, we were more than excited to visit the place which is the talk of the town nowadays.


Gwadar is a port city located at the southwest coast of the biggest province of Pakistan, Balochistan. The population of of this beautiful city is estimated to be 138,000. The…

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Hi everyone!
We all are aware of the current situation of the World. Most of the countries are still in lock-down and some countries have open business with few restrictions. I pray that you and your loved ones stay safe and sound.

I heard about Duolingo English Test back in March 2020. I was getting ready to attempt my IELTS but the whole country went in lock-down and all the tests were postponed for an unknown period of time. I was already conditionally accepted at a university in Ireland.

Conditional offer is given by Irish universities when you have fulfilled…

The Republic of Ireland is a small country located in the north west of Europe. It comprises of 26 of the 32 counties of the island of Ireland. It has the Great Britain as one of its closest neighbors. Other neighbors include Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, Netherlands, Belgium and Faroe Islands. Ireland covers 84, 421 sq. km of land surrounded by water. Speaking of water, Ireland is rich in oceans as it has the Atlantic Ocean to its west, the Celtic Sea to the south, and the Irish Sea separating it from the United Kingdom to the east.

Ireland Map


So you are new to Flutter? You must be new to the overflow problem as well ;)

It comes to all of us and it must be solved. I remember investing two hours of my time trying to investigate the problem and solve it. Now, I know how to solve it in more than one way.

So, without further delay, let’s get to it.

Overflow: What does it look like to the developer?

Figure 1: Overflow demo with multiple ListTile(s) in a single Column

Case # 1:

Bottom Overflow:

In the image above(figure 1), inside a Column widget I simply repeated the tile as many times so that it requires more screen size and creates a overflow problem for me. As a developer, I can…

Figure 1: Flutter Container demo

I started writing code in dart for Flutter for more than a year now. Whenever I see a tutorial, read an article or follow an instructional series for learning Flutter better, I see that Container is the widget where things start from. Container has been in my life for so long, I decided to write a little about it in its honor. In this article, I am going to break down the anatomy of a Flutter Container.

The Container widget can be used anywhere inside the widget tree. It is one of the most adjustable widget. …

Testing is one of the most important parts of project management. This phase allows the developers to go through all the possible cases that can take place when the project goes live. It also points out problems hidden in different features of the project. That’s the goal, right? To find the hidden bugs and solve them before the product goes in the market.

Manual vs Automated Testing

I consulted my friend, Areeq Azam, who is a Software Quality Assurance Engineer and here is what he had to say about the difference.

Manual Testing requires sole effort to execute the entire software testing life-cycle end…

Flutter made it easy for developers to build complex UI in record time. With a number of awesome widgets like Rows, Columns, ListView and Positioned, we can play around the screen and get our desired output and be satisfied at the end of the day. But what if you need a widget that is not available in the Flutter Widget Catalog? What if your requirement is so awesome and innovative that it is still not yet thought of by any one. In this case, you my friend, are there to bring it to life.

In order to let developers build…

Hamza Mateen

Associate Software Engineer - Mobile Application Developer at VentureDive, Karachi.

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